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What I Do

At Badger Speech Therapy, we provide individualized therapy and consultation services within the home, school or community to individuals of all ages with language and/or communication impairments. We honor neurodiveristy and believe in strength based, child-led therapy. 

Assessment and Evaluation Services 

Comprehehensive speech-langauge evaluations and augmentative-alternative evaluations can be performed. Speech-langauge evaluations include formal and informal assessment of expressive & receptive language, voice, oral-motor and social-pragmatic. AAC evaluations include all of the above with additional communication device trials and funding documentation. Both standardized and non-standardized measures may be used. Regular progress monitoring is conducted with quarterly reports provided. 

Consultation and Training Services 

Personalized consultation sessions or trainings to families, school staff and caregivers specific to an individual's communication needs. Areas may include: setup and implementation of AAC device within the home, instruction of core vocabulary development, use visuals in the home, how to set up a language rich environment, apps and games for language development/life skills/behavior, community integration supports, communication and language for children with ASD and complex communication needs. 


Consultation with an individual's educational team is also available. When therapy and objectives are streamlined between the school and at home, we often see a significant impact on progress. 

Practice Areas
  • Augmentative-Alternative Communcation

  • Childhood language development

  • Behavior & Communication Intervention

  • Birth-three early intervention

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Cognitive impairments related to stroke & aphasia 

  • ​Transition into adult services (post 22) & community integration 

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